Villa Fun Alley

Cupcake’s Villa Finale
cupcake drawingHowdy, I’m Cupcake and I used to live at Villa Finale with my owner, Mr. Walter Mathis.  What is Villa Finale?  It is a grand old house in the King William neighborhood built in 1876!  It has eight fireplaces, tons of windows, and a big tower right at the front.  Mr. Mathis bought the house in 1967 when it needed A LOT of repairs.  He loved the house so much that he spent two years fixing it all up so it would last another 100 years!  Humans use the word “preservation” when they talk about making old buildings last longer. 
Mr. Mathis had so much fun fixing up Villa Finale that he bought over 12 more old houses in King William to preserve!  People say that the King William neighborhood is still around because of people like him who like to fix up old houses instead of tearing them down.  I don’t know about you, but I love old houses because they can tell us a lot about the way people used to live.  Did you know Villa Finale was built without any inside restrooms or electricity? 
Villa Finale on the outside is very special, but the inside is even better!  Mr. Mathis LOVED to collect things.  Do you like to collect things, too?  Well, Mr. Mathis loved collecting things so much that he started when he was 11 years old and didn’t stop for 70 years!  Imagine collecting something for that long?  How many things would you have in your house? 
I hope you like all the neat Villla Finale stories and activities.  There are so many things to tell you and show you … so let’s get started! 

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