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Mr. Mathis and his collection
NapoleonA lot of people like to collect things.  Some people collect stamps, coins, toys – just about anything could be collected!  My owner, Mr. Mathis loved to collect things.  He started collecting when he was 11 years old and didn’t stop for 70 years!  What kind of stuff would he collect?  Well, he started out collecting items about Napoleon Bonaparte – you might have heard of him.  Napoleon was the Emperor of France over 200 years ago.  Mr. Mathis liked Napoleon because he was a smart soldier and later, Mr. Mathis became a soldier, too.  He flew aiplanes!
When he became an adult, Mr. Mathis added other things to his collection: paintings, statues, silver, watches, furniture, books, vases … I could go on and on!  When Villa Finale, Mr. Mathis’s house opens, visitors will be able to see the house filled with all of this neat stuff just the way he left it.
Collecting can be a lot of fun.  Some of the people that work at Villa Finale also collect things.  Do you have a collection?  What do you collect?  How do you collect?
How Mr. Mathis Collected
Circus collectionMr. Mathis would go to antique stores, shop from catalogs, and even receive gifts from friends to add to his collection.  Sometimes he would like something so much that he would start a new collection group by buying a lot more.  Not everything he collected was expensive.  Can you believe he was given a collection of circus toys?  How neat is that!
It’s your turn to go shopping with this fun activity!  Download it to play.  You are going to go to three different shops looking for some of Mr. Mathis’s favorite things.  You will have a shopping list for each store.  Circle the right group for each of your shopping lists, but be careful!  Some shop owners might want to sell you things you don’t want.  Look in the “Answer Keys” section when you finish to see how you did.  Good luck!

Click here:  SHOP LIKE MR. MATHIS!
Printable Activity (2nd – 3rd grade)



Mr. Mathis’s Collection Today
The people who work at Villa Finale are getting ready to open Mr. Mathis’s house for tours.  Beginning in 2010, people will be able to visit the house to see all the wonderful things inside.  You won’t believe your eyes – there are things in every room and every wall!  One visit to Villa Finale and you will know how much Mr. Mathis LOVED to collect.
Cupcake scaredThe first step before opening is to fix up the house – I will tell you all about that later!  To fix up the house, Villa Finale’s staff has to make sure everything is cleaned and packed for safe keeping.  They want to make sure everything is safe, so they are being very careful.  I told them I would help but … woops!  I had a little accident!  Could you help me clean up before anyone finds out, PLEASE?
Here is a word scramble.  Unscramble all the items that I dropped so I can put them back — before anyone catches me!  When you’re done, go to the “Answer Keys” section to see how you did.  Thanks for your help!

Printable Activity (3rd – 4th grade)
cupcake's word scramble






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